Here at Strider Buick GMC the GMC terrain remains one of our most popular small SUVs. GMC Terrain owners in Asheboro love the big interior features of this compact SUV. 

The various trims of the GMC Terrain include fold-flat front-passenger seating. Heated front seats are available, and buyers can also opt for a heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel. The versatility of the seating means that you will have plenty of room to transport the whole family. You can also move objects up to 8' long with the all-up seating arrangement.

Drivers  can choose from all-down seating, second-row-down, or back-left-down seating configurations. The GMC Terrain also makes it easy to swap out the seating styles. In just a few moments you can go from maximum seating capacity to maximum cargo space in the rear. Few small SUVs offer this type of versatility and function. 


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